Test & Learn - The ultimate guide to delivering high quality, high impact products

The background
This year, the Progressive Delivery and Experimentation Summit,
brought together nearly 1500 professionals. Leaders from Product, Engineering,
and Data presented frameworks for adapting software development and delivery
practices. Attendees learned how to use feature flagging and experimentation to
innovate with confidence.

Software delivery
Every product team wants to move quickly. Thanks to Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD,
organizations are moving faster than ever before. But speed alone is not enough,
and customer expectations are higher than ever. Customer journeys traverse
multiple devices and touchpoints, and complex platform architectures make
each release riskier and harder to test.
While speed and agility are essential, they don’t guarantee that you are building
the right thing. They can’t validate quality. Feature Flagging and experimentation
reduce uncertainty, allowing teams to move fast and fearlessly, developing the
features they know users love.

What exactly do we mean when we say Test & Learn?
For many teams, product development still takes the form of something like
Design > Build > Launch > Pray.
A Test & Learn approach empowers teams to challenge assumptions. It is a
way to quantify customer impact early and often, using feature flags and A/B
tests for product validation. Test and Learn transforms the delivery
model to Design > Build > Experiment > Iterate.